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Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Includes Teaching Them to Cook

Posted on · A few months ago we had a discussion about efforts to get kids to eat healthier. And while there are many programs and efforts within schools to teach kids where their food comes from – by doing things like starting a small garden on the school grounds – not all those programs take the next […]

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What’s the Value of Outdoor Education?

Posted on · Fifth graders in Houston public schools have, for nearly 40 years, participated in Outdoor Education Programs at two centers, in Forest Glen and Olympia. But future funding for the programs may be in doubt. We learn about such outdoor education programs, and both their benefits and challenges. Then, we discuss research examining the impact of […]

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Chess: The Competition is Fierce But You Wouldn’t Know It From the Sound

Posted on · The game of chess is played everywhere, of course. In public parks, in schools — you might even come across a couple of folks hunched over a chess board at your favorite coffee shop. Last month, we sent Houston Matters’ Conner Clifton to the Houston Scholastic Open – a chess tournament for kids in elementary […]

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What Are the Unique Challenges of Being a Parent in Houston?

Posted on · Here's the understatement of the year – parenting has its challenges. And parenting in Houston can bring its own wrinkles – figurative and literal ones. Moms and dads in Houston probably spend more time in the car, driving kids to and from activities. In the worst of our summer heat, there are probably some limits […]

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How Can I Get My Kid to Eat Healthier?

Posted on · We discuss efforts to develop healthier eating habits among Houston’s children, as we talk with Gracie Cavnar, Founder and CEO of the Houston-based Recipe for Success Foundation.We learn about the foundation’s nutrition education efforts, and discuss ways to make our youngest Houstonians smarter food consumers. And we welcome your questions about how obesity impacts a […]

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Is Technology Really Hurting Kids’ Ability to Socialize?

Posted on · We chat with Frederick J. Goodall – you might recognize him as one of our rotating panelists for “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Fred also writes a parenting blog called Mocha Dad. The tagline – one father’s quest to be a better dad. He recently wrote about his developing attitudes towards his kids’ […]

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Using Dance to Help Special Needs Kids Integrate Into Society

Posted on · Local dance instructor Mary Tiras is using dance to help kids with special needs integrate into society. She’s conducting a free dance workshop to demonstrate that called DanceReach 2013 this Saturday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Our Savior Lutheran School. Tiras is the owner of Creative Motion Dance and Performing Arts.


Kids Must Continue to Read during the Summer

Posted on · Here is food for thought. When it comes to kids, literacy and nutrition go hand in hand in their development. The nation's largest literacy organization teamed up with a local dairy to spotlight the importance of keeping kids reading during the summer when they're not in school. Pat Hernandez has more.