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Perspectives from Parents Living in Two Different Parts of Town

Posted on · Parenting is hard work. But how does parenting in one area of Houston compare to challenges faced in another? We wanted to explore that idea so we invited two parents into our studios. Carlecia Wright is a mom living inside the loop just north of The Heights, and Jeff Darnell is a father of four […]

Houston Matters

The Challenges of Teaching Harris County’s Special Populations

Posted on · The Harris County Department of Education recently hired Darlene Breaux as its new director of special populations for their teaching and learning center. “Special populations” is a term that covers a range of different needs students have. It can be kids for whom English is a second language, children with dyslexia, those who are gifted and talented, kids […]

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Has Technology Changed the Summer Camp Experience for Houston Kids?

Posted on · Time was, you went off to some overnight camp out in the woods where you sat around the campfire, sang songs, toasted marshmallows and swam in a lake. Do Houston kids do that anymore? Well, some kids still get shuttled off to summer camp, but as technology is more pervasive than ever in our lives, […]

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Making the Most of Your Kid’s Summer Day Camp Experience

Posted on · School is out for the summer for most of Greater Houston, and many kids will attend summer day camps in the coming weeks and months. That’s nothing new. But the number and variety of day camps available in the area has grown greatly just in the past decade, according to Sarah Gish. Since 2003, she’s […]

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BubbleLick: Houston Family Makes Bubbles Edible

Posted on · We learn about BubbleLick, a product that allows kids to blow edible bubbles using their favorite beverage. The product was designed by two Houston parents in the medical profession, pediatrician and allergist Dat Tran and pediatric nurse practitioner Holly Phan-Tran, and their children, Dylan and Rilina. We hear from their daughter, Rilina.

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Kids Become Superheroes to Fight Summer Boredom at Children’s Museum

Posted on · Boredom can often be a problem for kids during the summer months. Kids also love superheroes. What do those two things have to do with each other? Well, kids can get the chance to create their own superheroes, suit up and battle the evil villain Dr. Boredom this summer at the Children’s Museum of Houston‘s Summer […]

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When is Too Soon to Start Thinking About Your Child’s Career?

Posted on · We discuss how students and their parents are handling requirements set out in an education law (House Bill 5) passed back in 2013. The bill stipulates, among other things, that eighth graders choose one of five areas of study, which will affect the courses they take in high school: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), […]