Party Politics, Texas Edition Ep. 29: Who’s Challenging Ted Cruz?

Posted on · "I do think in the media there is a tendency to describe conservatives as one of two things: stupid or evil. And those are the two categories that every conservative gets put in by Democrats and the media. A conservative is either stupid — too dumb to know the right answer — and even worse, if they actually know the right answer, then they’re evil" - Senator Ted Cruz

Houston Matters

Numerous, Lengthy Legal Battles Expected Over Texas’ New ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Law

Posted on · Almost immediately after Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law SB 4, the so-called "sanctuary cities" bill, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a preemptive lawsuit asking a federal court to uphold its constitutionality. Shortly after that, the League of United Latin American Citizens filed a lawsuit against the governor and attorney general alleging that the […]