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Hurricane Season, Full Menu: Best Pizza & The Chicken Ranch: Wednesday’s Show (June 1, 2016)

Posted on · The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season begins today (June 1, 2016). On this edition of Houston Matters, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett discusses how recent floods might have jump-started public awareness of natural disasters in Greater Houston, and what lessons we’ve learned about hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding in the last few years. Then we’ll chat […]

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The Full Menu: Best Cheap Places to Eat in Houston

Posted on · Looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful to eat in Houston, where do you go? What do you google? No need to do a thing, our gaggle of foodies have a list over 40 places for you to check out on this ‘cheap eats’ edition of The Full Menu. Today’s conversation features: Katharine Shilcutt of Houstonia […]

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The Full Menu: Behind The Scenes

Posted on · We’ve been doing The Full Menu for a little more than a year now, and the way it works is we identify topics for Eric, Katharine and David to come into the studio and discuss. A little-known fact is there’s usually a fourth person in the studio with them: Houston Matters producer Edel Howlin. And […]

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The Full Menu: Where to Eat in Houston Late at Night

Posted on · With the holiday season in full swing, there might be some more opportunities to be out late at night and looking for food. So we gave our Houston food writers the task of tracking down those illustrious late-night eating venues in and outside the loop, in this latest edition of The Full Menu. Today’s conversation […]

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Revisiting The Full Menu: The Best Places for Holiday Food, and Houston Bakeries

Posted on · Last year, when we began our foodie segment The Full Menu, our food writers discussed some traditional holiday fare, desserts and bakeries in Houston. We wanted to revisit that conversation to get your mouth salivating, so here it is, The Full Menu holiday and baked good rundown. Places, Items and Recipes Featured in This Segment: […]

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The Full Menu: Houston’s Best Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & Kosher Food

Posted on · If you happened to be vegetarian, vegan or have a gluten-free diet in the city of Houston about ten years ago — good luck finding tasty food or really anything beyond some form of iceberg lettuce salad. Nowadays though, there are a wealth of choices for anyone with special dietary needs, well so say our […]