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Will Construction on 290 Ever End? TxDOT Answers Your Questions

Posted on · Transportation in general is a common complaint among Houstonians. But there's one project in particular that may annoy drivers the most, and that's Highway 290. The highway is currently undergoing a $2.3 billion widening project. Officials say the project is supposed to wrap up by late next year. We talk with Karen Othon of TxDOT […]

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TxDOT at 100: It’s More Than Just ‘the Highway Department’

Posted on · The Texas Department of Transportation (aka TxDOT) is turning 100 this year. The organization is much more than just about highways — although many Texans still refer to it as “the highway department.” To celebrate its centennial, TxDOT has a travelling exhibit that’s making the rounds around the state, including a recent stint in Houston. […]

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New Planets Discovered, and an Expansion in Renewable Energy: Thursday’s Show (March 2, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: This artist’s rendering depicts the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, based on available data about their diameters, masses and distances from the host star. The cool, reddish star is about 40 light-years awayfrom Earth. Image Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech) Here in Space City, we talk a lot about what’s next in space travel and the role we may […]

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Why Does Houston Traffic Keep Getting More Congested?

Posted on · It might come as no surprise to Houston drivers to learn congestion in the area has increased. That's according to a recent report from GPS developer TomTom, which says Houston ranks 12th in the country when it comes to traffic. We discuss why traffic in Houston is getting worse — and what plans the Texas […]

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Immigration, Traffic Congestion, and Migraines: Tuesday’s show (April 21, 2015)

Posted on · Each day on Houston Matters, we seek to examine a variety of issues, ideas, people, places, and events that define Greater Houston. Tuesday’s program will demonstrate that variety, as we explore issues related to the environment, immigration and justice, transportation, health, and history, all in one hour! On this edition of the program, we address […]

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Will Traffic on 290 Ever Be Better?

Posted on · You can experience some fairly intense traffic jams on many of Greater Houston’s main arteries. But there’s a special rarefied air set aside for U.S. 290, the Northwest Freeway. Exploding population growth in the area, combined with a massive ongoing construction project, makes this one of the most frequently jammed up traffic areas in Greater […]

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