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The Perfect Indicator for Houston These Days: The ‘Economic Anxiety Index’

Posted on · Last week, the folks at Marketplace launched a new indicator called the "Economic Anxiety Index." It's designed to offer a snapshot of how Americans are experiencing the economy – how they feel about their personal finances and how confident they are about their ability to address any societal economic ups and downs. An economic index […]

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How Do You Turn a Radio Program About Economics into a Live Stage Show?

Posted on · Frequent public radio listeners will know Kai Ryssdal as the host of the business and financial show Marketplace. Ryssdal and his team will broadcast their show live from Houston Public Media on Monday, Sept. 29, in advance of a sold-out live Marketplace stage show on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at Wortham Center. The stage show is […]

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Panhandling, Kai Ryssdal, Men’s Health and Ronnie Milsap: Houston Matters for Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014

Posted on · The police chief in San Antonio made headlines earlier this month by proposing a city ordinance making it illegal to give to panhandlers. Panhandling itself is already illegal in many places and scenarios in the city, but the ordinance — should it pass — would make it a Class C misdemeanor to hand money out […]

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