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Full Show: Houston Partnering With Microsoft, And Outsider Art (May 4, 2018)

Posted on · On Friday's Houston Matters: We learn about a new partnership between Microsoft and the City of Houston. Then, the Houston Chronicle's executive editor talks about the general state of the newspaper industry. Our panel of non-experts discusses The Good, Bad, & Ugly of the week's news. And a new book examines outsider art in Texas.

Houston Matters

Full Show: Looming Government Shutdown, And How High Schoolers View The News (Jan. 19, 2017)

Posted on · On Friday’s Houston Matters: We learn how a potential government shutdown might affect Houston. Then, high school students share their media habits and their view on journalism. Our panel of non-experts discusses The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of this week’s news. And we learn about Evelyn's Park in Bellaire.

Houston Matters

Full Show: The Death Of The Alt Weekly, And The Science Of Creativity (Nov. 14, 2017)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Houston Matters: With news of the Houston Press ceasing print operations, we discuss the changing role of alt-weeklies. Then, we discuss the science of human creativity. And we learn about a new book featuring photos and stories of life in small-town Texas.

Houston Matters

Are Journalists and Journalism Under Attack – And Why?

Posted on · A journalist was assaulted by a Congressional candidate in Montana. Texas Governor Greg Abbott joked about shooting reporters after signing gun bill. President Donald Trump disparages any negative reports about him as "fake news." It seems these days like journalism is under attack – so much so that the National Press Club is organizing a […]

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Latest NASA Developments, and Journalism Under Attack: Friday’s Show (June 23, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: NASA astronaut Jack Fischer worked to install wireless antennas outside the Destiny lab of the International Space Station. Photo Courtesy: NASA) Just a few weeks ago, astronauts aboard the International Space Station made an emergency spacewalk to make urgent repairs to a critical component that failed. NASA said the crew was never in any […]

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Longtime Houston Columnist Ken Hoffman Reflects on Why He Left the Chron for CultureMap

Posted on · (Above: Longtime Houston columnist Ken Hoffman. Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public Media) Longtime Houston columnist Ken Hoffman recently left the Houston Chronicle for CultureMap Houston. We check in with him on why he made the move and get reflections on his many years writing about Houston for the Chron, the Houston Post, and now CultureMap.