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An Interactive Map of Houston’s Food Deserts

Posted on · Some low-income neighborhoods in Houston have long had limited or no easy access to grocery stores. Despite a push a few years back from both the White House and local officials, that situation hasn’t changed much. We talk with Houston Chronicle reporter John Harden, who’s compiled data on the current state of food deserts in […]

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Concussions, Potholes, and Sandra Bland: Friday’s Show (January 8, 2016)

Posted on · Late last month, as Will Smith's film Concussion debuted in the theaters, ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported that supposedly the NFL backed out of giving “unrestricted” funds to the National Institutes of Health for a study exploring football’s relationship to brain damage because the league didn’t like the doctor who would lead it. On this […]

Houston Matters

Wildlife Posing Accident Risks in Greater Houston

Posted on · It’s an inevitable byproduct of suburban sprawl: the farther we spread out geographically into previously undeveloped areas of an ever-expanding Greater Houston region the more we’re likely to come into contact with — and encroach on — the natural environment that’s already there. The opposite is also true: suburban and rural populations will see wildlife […]

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