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Your Worst Driving Moments, Jewish Culture, and Sports Monday: Houston Matters for Monday, April 7, 2014

Posted on · Come on. Admit it. We’ve all done it. That moment when you inadvertently cut someone off on the highway. Or had your left-turn blinker on as you turned right. Or found yourself in an endless series of U-turns because you couldn’t find the exit your GPS insists is there. We all have those moments. And […]

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The Houston Bucket List, HISD School Closure, and Battleship Texas Centennial: Houston Matters for Friday, March 14, 2014

Posted on · For the last week, we’ve been asking you to contemplate items on your “Houston bucket list.” You know, those events, activities, and moments endemic to Houston that you want to be sure you experience them before you kick the proverbial bucket. Some of you e-mailed us with examples. Among them: A tour of Minute Maid […]

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Houston Commuters & Hidden Routes: Houston Matters for Wed., Feb. 19, 2014

Posted on · Hundreds of thousands of Houstonians drive in and out of the city each day. On a past Houston Matters, we explored how we might improve that daily commute experience. But say we can’t. Assume that in the coming years you’re still stuck in the same traffic at the same time most every day. How does […]

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Will Dwight Howard Fix CSN Houston’s Problem?

Posted on · What impact can one person moving to Houston have? Well, for nearly a year, some 60% of Houston has been unable to watch Comcast Sportsnet Houston, because of a dispute between the channel and carriers including AT&T's U-Verse, DirecTV, and DISH Network. That may soon change, with the impending official announcement that Dwight Howard has […]