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Former Milwaukee Mayor Offers Outsider’s Look into Houston’s Urban Space

Posted on · John Norquist, the former mayor of Milwaukee, thinks Houston should get rid of the Pierce Elevated. Why should we care what he has to say? Well, he’s an author, a longtime proponent of removing freeways from urban centers, and he’ll speak about just that tonight (Sept. 22, 2015) at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research. […]

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Texas Lyceum: Identifying the Next Generation of Texas Leaders

Posted on · Since 1980, the Texas Lyceum has sought to identify and develop the next generation of leaders in Texas. It's a non-profit, non-partisan board of 96 people from all across the state. The association selects its own members, who seek to educate themselves on a variety of issues. The Lyceum conducts public forums, publishes a journal […]

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As Houston Grows, How Do City Services Manage to Keep Up?

Posted on · In the 1970s, the city of Houston faced a building boom coupled with an infrastructure inadequate to cover basic needs. The city's only play at the time was to shut down development inside the loop. Now, decades later, as building in the loop is finally starting to catch up with growth outside the loop, how […]

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Water Quantity, The Full Menu, and Chase Untermeyer: Houston Matters for Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

Posted on · On past programs, we’ve explored water quality in Greater Houston. On this edition of the program, we talk about water quantity, and efforts underway to ensure there will be enough water for a growing Greater Houston community in the years to come. We’ also learn about a debate in Montgomery County over groundwater access. Also […]

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What Can Be Done to Improve Houston’s Sidewalks?

Posted on · Montrose residents are petitioning the city to address that neighborhood’s deteriorating sidewalks. The Montrose Sidewalk Coalition says cracked sidewalks pose a danger – they’d like the city to offer a plan to the public to address the state of their sidewalks and ensure safety and access. There’s just one problem: according to city law, property […]

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The Greater Houston Partnership on Houston’s Transportation and Jobs

Posted on · The Greater Houston Partnership held a forum earlier this month discussing the city's transportation. We discuss the state of the city’s transportation infrastructure with Leonard D. Waterworth, Executive Director of Port of Houston Authority, and Bob Harvey, President and CEO of Greater Houston Partnership. Then, we talk with Patrick Jankowski, the Greater Houston Partnership’s Vice […]

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Addressing Houston’s Roads

Posted on · Invariably, when given the opportunity to complain about things we don’t like so much about Houston, the topic turns to transportation – too much traffic, not enough mass transit – and, way, way too many potholes. So many people travel on Greater Houston roadways each day, it’s probably not surprising we have potholes, and cracks […]