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Houston amends residential development requirements to promote walkability, affordable housing expansion

Posted on · After a compromise was reached among city planners, residents and developers, Houston's elected officials approved a series of building code changes that will reduce frontloading driveways and promote more affordable housing options.


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Full Show: Travel Ban Upheld, And Improving Houston’s Walkability (June 26, 2018)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Houston Matters: The Supreme Court upholds Pres. Trump's travel ban. We discuss efforts to make Houston a more walkable environment. Then, new research helps us understand how memories are stored. And a new book captures the beauty (and eeriness) of some of the Lone Star State’s most interested abandoned buildings.

Houston Matters

Why Won’t Houston Let This Man Walk?

Posted on · David Dorantes is upset that he can't walk around Houston. Dorantes is an entertainment reporter for the Spanish-language newspaper La Voz de Houston, and recently he wrote an article for the Houston Chronicle on this very topic. He tells us why he thinks it's important to get out of your car. MORE: I Want to […]

Houston Matters

Revisiting Houston’s Walkability

Posted on · On past Houston Matters programs, we've explored a number of concerns and efforts related to walkability in the region. We've talked about safety concerns for pedestrians, areas in need of improved access and policies designed to make the region more walkable. Now, two Houston neighborhoods have been named to a residential brokerage firm's list of […]

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What Can Be Done to Improve Houston’s Sidewalks?

Posted on · Montrose residents are petitioning the city to address that neighborhood’s deteriorating sidewalks. The Montrose Sidewalk Coalition says cracked sidewalks pose a danger – they’d like the city to offer a plan to the public to address the state of their sidewalks and ensure safety and access. There’s just one problem: according to city law, property […]

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