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The Full Menu: Best Places to Eat in The Heights

Posted on · The Greater Houston region is a big sprawling area, and if you live in one particular part, chances are that's where you spend most of your time eating out. That’s why, from time to time, we wanted to focus on good food spots in particular neighborhoods. On this edition of The Full Menu, our foodies […]

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What Design Guidelines May Be in Store for Three Houston Heights Historic Districts?

Posted on · Project organizers will hold a community meeting Tuesday (Dec. 8, 2015) as part of the City of Houston’s process for creating historic preservation design guidelines in three Houston Heights historic districts. They wanted to know what property owners think about the guidelines in place covering changes they might want to make to their historic homes […]

Houston Matters

How Has the Identity of the Heights Changed?

Posted on · As Houston's population continues to grow, some of the city's oldest neighborhoods are undergoing some changes. That includes the Heights, a tight-knit community within the 610 loop. Houston Matters' Maggie Martin visited the Heights to talk with three residents about how they've seen their neighborhood change. MORE: Houston Matters’ Neighborhood Series