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Traffic in Houston Is Not So Bad…At Least if You’re Kayaking

Posted on · On the heels of our recent discussion about what's on your Houston "bucket list," Houston Public Media Director of Content Capella Tucker and Houston Matters host Craig Cohen knock one item off the list, as they kayak along Buffalo Bayou, courtesy of Bayou City Adventures. More: Bayou City Adventures Kayaking Schedule Map of the Houston […]

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Crime, Oil Spill Update, ICE, & Kayaking Buffalo Bayou: Houston Matters for Wed., March 26, 2014

Posted on · When you’re the fourth largest city in the country, crime is an inevitable part of life. But what crimes? And how prevalent are they? Houston Police Department statistics offer a glimpse. In January of this year, HPDÂ says there were more than 11,300 crimes reported across the city of Houston. More than half were thefts; […]

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