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No-Tsu-Oh: Bringing Back Houston’s Version of Mardi Gras

Posted on · Everyone's knows New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras. But did you know Houston once had a week-long celebration on-par? It was called No-Tsu-Oh — that's Houston spelled backwards – and from 1899 to 1915, the celebration brought a carnival atmosphere to much of the city. Well, the group Houston Arts and Media is trying […]

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Conference Focuses on Houston History in the 1860s

Posted on · If you have a historian's imagination, if you look around our city and wonder what life was like for its inhabitants decades or centuries before, an upcoming conference presented by the Houston History Alliance might pique your interest. With a theme of "On the Cusp of War: Houston in the 1860s," the one-day conference encourages […]

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Houston Graffiti Culture: Not Just Vandalism Anymore

Posted on · One day, University of Houston student Nimra Haroon noticed the wild colors and designs on the walls of some Houston buildings, and — as a history student — she decided to learn more about the history of Houston graffiti. So she rode along with four of the city's most iconic artists. Haroon then wrote about […]

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Murder & Mayhem in Houston: Book Tells of Forgotten Bayou City Crimes

Posted on · Many of us are familiar with some of the most notorious crimes in Houston history, especially those in the last couple decades. But not every case has a book written about it or a movie made – or some have simply faded from memory over time. And those are the stories John Nova Lomax and […]

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Modern Dance Project Pays Homage to the History of the Houston Ship Channel

Posted on · We learn about a new modern dance production that pays homage to the role of the Houston Ship Channel in the history of both Texas and Houston. The piece, called “Channel/1836,” is by Karen Stokes Dance and combines film of dancers performing around the ship channel with a live stage performance. The performance is Sept. […]

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Houston’s Forgotten History

Posted on · We consider our history in Houston. The Houston History Book Fair and Symposium will take place next month. Some two dozen authors will talk about their work and share some intriguing and perhaps lesser known aspects of Houston's history. To learn more about some lesser-appreciated aspects of Houston's past, we were joined by three guests, […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, October 25, 2013

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss some lesser known or underappreciated events in Greater Houston history, in advance of the Houston History Book Fair and Symposium. At that event next month, some two dozen authors will discuss their work, and highlight what intrigues them about Houston’s history. Topics will range from the first […]