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Funeral Museum Sees its Image Changing

Posted on · When you tell people you’re going to visit the National Museum of Funeral History, you’re bound to get at least one comment along the lines of “that sounds a bit morbid.” That’s exactly what happened last week to Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty. Michael took a tour of the museum with its president, Genevieve Keeney, who […]

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Houston’s Dark Side, the Funeral Museum and Starting a Haunted House: Friday’s Show (October 30, 2015)

Posted on · Glenwood Cemetery's "Avenging Angel." The Candy Man. These aren't characters from horror stories. They're tales based on true events in Houston. It's a Halloween-themed Houston Matters, as we learn more about some of Houston's darkest history. We also revisit a museum that takes a more educational approach to what many would consider a taboo topic […]

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