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The State of Houston’s Economy in 2016

Posted on · Today we launch our 2nd annual "State of Houston" series – exploring the state of Greater Houston's economy, transportation, health, education, environment, politics and culture. We begin today with a look at what's happening economically. We welcome your questions and comments for Patrick Jankowski, the Greater Houston Partnership's Senior Vice President of Research, and News […]

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America’s Greatest Economic Challenge: Affordable Housing

Posted on · A Houston-based think tank argues the greatest economic challenge America faces today is a lack of affordable housing. The Center for Opportunity Urbanism examines this challenge in a recent report entitled America’s Housing Crisis. We learn more from Anne Snyder, a fellow at the center. We also talk with Morley Winograd, the co-author of the […]

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How Will Paris Climate Talks Affect Industry and the Environment in Houston?

Posted on · The world has been watching Paris in recent days as the city hosts the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, known as COP21. But, since we’re a show that focuses on Houston, we wondered how might climate change decisions made at the summit affect industry here? We talk with several guests on this subject: First […]

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Creative Jobs in Houston: Are Workers Seeing Economic Benefits?

Posted on · A recent report by the Houston Arts Alliance says €“ despite a downturn in other industries €“ Houston€™s arts community is thriving and has a significant economic impact. The study is titled The Creative Economy of Houston 2. It is a follow up to a report that was first done in 2011. It says Houston€™s […]

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A Newcomer’s Guide to Houston’s Economy

Posted on · When you think about the Houston economy, the first thing you probably think of is the oil and gas industry. And while that is still a very big driver of the Houston economy, the city is much more diverse than it was a few decades ago. News 88.7 business reporter Andrew Schneider gives us the […]

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Will Houston’s Ties to the Global Economy Help it Weather Sagging Oil Prices?

Posted on · The Greater Houston Partnership Wednesday (5/27/15) held an event examining the “State of Houston's Global Economy.” With that in mind, we talk with Richard Stubbe, Houston Bureau Chief and editor on energy markets for Bloomberg News, about the latest trends we’re seeing among Houston-based companies engaged in global economic activities, including (but not limited to) […]

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Checking in On the State of Houston’s Economy

Posted on · We launch a week-long series exploring “The State of Houston” with a conversation about Greater Houston’s economy. We talk with News 88.7 FM business reporter Andrew Schneider about the impact of recent low oil prices on Houstonians, recent developments in construction, whether real estate remains a seller’s market, and whether Houston is as diversified as […]

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Schlumberger’s Record Fine and Texting While Driving: Thursday’s show (March 26, 2015)

Posted on · Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield services company, whose domestic offices are based here in Greater Houston, has agreed to pay more than $232 million for violating U.S. sanctions in Iran and Sudan. The subsidiary Schlumberger Oilfield Holdings Limited will also plead guilty to conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act or IEEPA. Other […]

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Listener Comments on Grand Juries and Happiness in Houston

Posted on · From time to time, we share some of your recent comments about Houston Matters. During our discussion Monday with Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson about her wish to see changes to the grand jury selection process, which could result in younger juries, Travis wrote in to say how much he enjoyed serving on a […]