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Houston Chamber Choir Event Gives Young Voices A Chance to Be Heard

Posted on · For the last 15 years, the Houston Chamber Choir has been hosting a school choral evening. The idea being an opportunity to hear the future voices of the Chamber Choir itself, but also to give these kids another platform to sing to the general public. This year features Flos Cantuum from St. Theresa’s Catholic School […]

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Icy Weather, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, & Young Choir Voices: Houston Matters for Fri., Jan. 24, 2014

Posted on · Dozens of schools are closed today and transportation officials are warning motorists to stay off the roads after a mix of rain and below-freezing temperatures overnight brought on icy conditions for the Greater Houston area. Today on Houston Matters, we’ll discuss how TX DOT prepared for the region’s winter storm and how emergency officials will […]

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Houston Matters for Fri., Nov. 8, 2013

Posted on · The Texans. Houston’s restaurant scene. Affordability. Diversity. The arts. Depending on your own opinion, these things aren’t getting enough attention here in Houston. Or…they’re receiving too much. On this edition of Houston Matters, we ask you: what’s overrated and underrated in Houston, and why? It can be anything! Sports, food, entertainment, museums – whatever you […]