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Who Picks Up Stray Horses, Cattle and Zebras in Harris County?

Posted on · About 30 minutes north of Houston, in Atascocita, tucked behind the Harris County Fire Marshal's office and the training academy is the Sheriff's Livestock Office. On any given day, you can find a stray horse, some cattle or even a zebra enclosed in their pens. Edel Howlin went out to the Harris County Sheriff's Livestock […]

Houston Matters

Horse Neglect and Abuse: Still an Issue Inside a Sprawling Metropolis

Posted on · The Houston Police Department and the Houston Humane Society have been working to address incidents this year of neglect, abandonment, and abuse of horses in Greater Houston. We learn more from HPD Captain Larry Baimbridge and the Humane Society’s Monica Schmidt. (Above: A photo, taken by HPD Cpt. Larry Baimbridge, of a malnourished horse, nicknamed […]

Houston Matters

Horse Racing is Back in Texas After a Brief Shutdown — But for How Long?

Posted on · The Texas horse racing industry shut down briefly last week (Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015) amid debate over a new type of gambling at horse tracks. But some say the debate is about something more — namely who gets to profit from the industry. And are racetracks like the Sam Houston Race Park profitable anymore? And […]

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