Top Homeland Security Officials Urge Criminal Prosecution Of Parents Crossing Border With Children

Posted on · In a memo obtained by The Washington Post, federal officials say that threatening adults with criminal charges and prison time would be the most effective way to reverse the steadily rising number of attempted crossings.

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As Tensions Rise Around The Country, Houston Police Discuss Their Strategy For Keeping Protests Safe

Posted on · Following the events in Charlottesville, protests and rallies have been happening in other cities. And we wanted to know how Houston police are prepared to handle these kinds of events. We spoke to an assistant chief about their strategy for making sure protests stay peaceful.

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Political Roundup: Allegations of Wiretapping and Travel Ban No. 2

Posted on · It's time again for our weekly political roundup and analysis of national, state and local political stories. This week we discuss everything from President Trump’s allegations of wiretapping, to Homeland Security executing the president’s second executive order temporarily banning travel from six predominantly Muslim countries, to the Texas Legislature’s first hearing on the so-called Bathroom […]

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