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The Hoggs: Getting to Know One of Texas’ Most Famous Families

Posted on · They’re one of those famous families here in Texas. They’ve made significant contributions to Houston history and culture. And yet, there’s a lot you may not know about the Hogg family. We’ll talk with Virginia Bernhard, author of the book The Hoggs of Texas. Bernhard is Professor Emerita of History at the University of St. […]


World Wants A Little Piece Of Texas On A Map

Posted on · Over 35 million historic maps and documents are stored in the Texas General Land Office. A program called "Save Texas History" is working to conserve them by selling reprints of the maps with many bound for Germany.


Battleship Texas Afloat Once Again

Posted on · A patched-up Battleship Texas could be back open to visitors this weekend after another round of leaks had to be repaired. Ed Mayberry has an update on the ongoing efforts to keep the iconic ship afloat.


San Jacinto Battle Bones Found in Pennsylvania

Posted on · Even though more than 600 Mexicans lost their lives at the Battle of San Jacinto historians have found almost no bones at the battle ground. The Mexican dead were left on the field and decomposed over time and at some point bones were collected and buried in an unmarked location. Rod Rice reports that last year some skulls from the battle were located in Pennsylvania.


Oral History Project Records Houston’s Past

Posted on · An ambitious project to capture some of Houston's most important history on tape is now online for the public to use. The oral history project captures the faces and voices of Houstonians who have helped shape the city over the years.


Alamo Flag

Posted on · In San Antonio, preparations are underway for tomorrow's 173rd anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. The event is getting an assist from a British pop singer who says the Alamo is "his passion." Jim Bell reports.


The Battleship of Texas Gets a Boost

Posted on · Just because you visit a natural or historic site doesn't necessarily mean you come away with any real understanding or full appreciation of it. That's why the Texas legislature has pumped money into new interpretive exhibits at some state parks and historic sites. Rod Rice reports that one location is the Battleship Texas.