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What Buildings Should Be Preserved? The Astrodome Makes Us (8th) Wonder…

Posted on · We’ll talk about the landmark application process and what it’ll mean for the Astrodome if it’s given that designation. And, the Astrodome has been the central focus of preservation in Houston recently, so we want to open up the conversation to include other historic places in Houston. What sites, buildings or places need saving here? […]


Historic Preservation Gets Muscle

Posted on · Houston could soon have some tougher development restrictions in place as the city council considers beefing up protection for historic districts and deed-restricted neighborhoods. Laurie Johnson reports.


Houston History is Spared for Now

Posted on · A nearly century old building downtown near Minute Maid Park is spared, for now, after Harris County Commissioners delay a vote on its demolition. As Pat Hernandez reports, county leaders are ready to replace the building with a parking garage, but preservationists are hoping to hold-off the wrecking ball.