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How Far Do Your Tax Dollars Go Toward Road Funding?

Posted on · Your gas tax dollars and vehicle registration fees are supposed to cover the cost of building and maintaining our road system here in Texas, but a public interest group out of Austin says that’s not the case. A new report from the Texas Public Interest Research Group says drivers actually pay for less than half […]

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TxDOT Floats Ideas for Rerouting I-45 Through Downtown Houston

Posted on · The Texas Department of Transportation last week unveiled some potential options to address traffic congestion along Interstate 45 through downtown Houston, in order to gauge public opinion. Among the potential changes under consideration: rerouting I-45 to the eastern side of downtown, where US 59 runs today. Another idea floated: tearing down the Pierce Elevated and […]

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Should Texas Create a Rainy Day Fund for Road Repairs?

Posted on · Much of the focus of next month’s election has been, naturally, on candidates for major offices in Houston and across Texas, including a local race for District Attorney, and statewide elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. There’s also a proposition to voters on the ballot. HJR 1, if approved, would allocate half of the general revenue currently […]

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How Are Road Projects in Houston Paid For?

Posted on · We talk with Houston Public Media’s Gail Delaughter about how all types of road projects across Texas are funded, from how federal transportation funding finds its way to Texas, to how the city of Houston funds its ReBuild Houston program, and to how a city council move last week allows Council members to earmark ReBuild funds […]

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How TxDOT Prepares for Icy Roads

Posted on · Sleet and ice in Houston. Again. What? As Greater Houston gears up for more icy weather today, we’ll check in with TxDOT’s Karen Othon about current road conditions and what the Houston District Emergency Operations Center has already done to pre-treat roads. And for any motorists who simply must drive Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll discuss how […]

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The Grand Parkway, METRO’s Red Line & Year-End Taxes: Houston Matters for Tues., Dec. 10, 2013

Posted on · It’s elaborate, long-anticipated and years in the making. It’s the Grand Parkway: the loop outside the loop outside the loop which, once completed will be more than 180 miles long, and cross seven different counties in its path around Houston. Proponents say the Grand Parkway will cut down commute time for many drivers traveling in from […]

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The Real Rules of Houston Roads

Posted on · Beginning Sept. 1, the “Move Over/Slow Down” law on Texas roads will apply to TxDOT crews, as well as police, emergency responders and tow trucks. In essence, the law states that if you see any of these folks along the side of the road, you need to move over or slow down. It’s one of […]


Fairmont Parkway No Longer a Tollway Consideration

Posted on · The idea to expand the Fairmont Parkway into a toll road is dead. People who live along the route in southeast Harris County have made it abundantly clear they're against turning the Parkway into a toll road. And the county commissioner who represents that area announced today that such a project will not happen. David Pitman reports.


Inspections Save Lives and Make Highways Safer

Posted on · "Roadcheck 2009" mobilizes federal, state and local law enforcement officers from more than a thousand locations across the country, Mexico and Canada. They're checking commercial vehicles and drivers for compliance of federal safety regulations. Pat Hernandez has the story.


Katy Freeway Commuters Finally Get Relief

Posted on · The Katy Freeway Reconstruction Project, the largest in state history, is completed in record time. The 2.8-billion dollar project involves a 20-mile segment of the freeway from the West Loop to the Fort Bend County line in Katy. Pat Hernandez tells us the completion was marked with a ceremony that drew the governor.