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A Mother’s Plea After Child Dies In Hot Car

Posted on · Back in 2008, Houstonian Dee Dee Estis’ 3-year-old son Christian died when his grandmother mistakenly forgot to drop him off at daycare. He spent 12 hours inside a hot car, ultimately succumbing to hyperthermia. It’s an awful and tragic scenario that occurs more often in Texas than in any other state — 106 children left […]

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Houston’s Population Growth Could Mean An Increase In Extreme Heat

Posted on · The consequences of Greater Houston's population growth have been well documented – from its effect on traffic, to housing, to urban development. But it also could have another effect – it could be making this an even hotter place to live in coming decades, according to ongoing research using Houston as a predictor of what’s […]

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Houston Heat, Epilepsy & Magnolia City: Houston Matters for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Posted on · The Houston Independent School District Tuesday announced new mascots for four schools that previously had mascots with Native American or historically insensitive ties. On today’s Houston Matters: News 88.7 education reporter Laura Isensee tells us what the new mascots will be and about the process that determined them. Then: Whether it’s felt like it or […]

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Chili Heads: Inside the Mind of Houston’s Fiery Food Lovers

Posted on · This weekend lovers of spicy food – so called "chili heads" – will converge on the Stafford Centre for the annual Houston Hot Sauce Festival, where spicy food makers from around the country will sell their fiery concoctions. Our own Michael Hagerty is himself a chili head – at least now that he's learned the […]