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Will You Have to Pay a Healthcare Penalty Come March 31?

Posted on · Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act ends soon (March 31), and so time is running out for folks to sign up for coverage. We look at where the enrollment numbers stand now — both nationally and in Texas. And we hear from a local organization working with Houstonians to help them navigate the sometimes […]

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The 28th Amendment, Healthcare Enrollment & Steve Tyrell: Houston Matters for Thursday, March 13, 2014

Posted on · There are 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The first ten, of course, are the Bill of Rights, which address matters ranging from speech to religion to guns. The other seventeen Amendments include one dedicated to abolishing slavery, others ensure voting rights, one establishes Prohibition, another repeals it. From time to time, citizens call for […]

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How You Can Navigate the New Health Exchange for the Affordable Care Act in Houston

Posted on · This coming Tuesday will mark the start of the sign-up period for uninsured Houstonians to receive coverage through a new health exchange. In the final installment of our recurring Affordable Care Act series, we offer you a chance to get your questions answered and myths debunked. We are joined once again by KUHF Health and […]

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Navigating Health Care Options for the Affordable Care Act in Houston

Posted on · We continue our weekly series of conversations designed to help prepare you for the rollout of the final phase of the Affordable Care Act, in which uninsured Americans can seek out health care benefits through a "marketplace." Today, we learned about resources available to help you navigate that marketplace. KUHF's Health and Science reporter Carrie […]