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Houston Matters for Friday, August 9, 2013

Posted on · The Texas Legislature has passed, and Governor Perry has signed, a law which would require some Texans seeking unemployment benefits to pass a drug test. There are numerous questions about the law, including exactly who it covers, in which occupations, whether the state should actually have the right to require such testing, and whether it […]


Texas Dems Criticize AG Abbott

Posted on · Several Texas Democrats in Congress have called on Attorney General Greg Abbott to suspend his lawsuit over the new health care law. They say the lawsuit could prevent 6 million Texans from getting health insurance. Peter Granitz reports from Washington.


Texas Legally Challenges Healthcare Bill

Posted on · Health care reform legislation that was passed by the Texas is one of 38 states threatening to challenge Congress's health care legislation. As Laurie Johnson reports — several state attorney generals say the federal healthcare overhaul is unconstitutional.


Healthcare Measure Means Different Things

Posted on · U.S. House of Representatives insures 32-million Americans who lack coverage. It achieves the dream of every Democratic President since Franklin Roosevelt. But two Houston area lawmakers have very differing views on the historic measure. Pat Hernandez has more.


Health Care Bill Also Includes Major Student Loan Changes

Posted on · One part of the health care overhaul package that has received little attention is a measure that would also dramatically change the federal student loan program. The bill is designed to save tens of billions of taxpayer dollars by essentially cutting out the middlemen. David Pitman has more.


Another Weekend of Debate on Healthcare Reform

Posted on · Democrats on Capitol Hill continue their quest to advance health care legislation. It is President Barack Obama's signature issue. They continue their search for the 60-votes needed to overcome unanimous Republican opposition. Pat Hernandez has more.


Looming Deadline on Healthcare Reform

Posted on · Landmark legislation to overhaul the U.S. health care system passed in the U.S. House of Representatives over the weekend. It expands coverage to almost all Americans and provides federal subsidies to those who cannot afford it. But the big obstacle now for backers of the measure is time. Pat Hernandez has more.


Doctors Unite for Healthcare Reform

Posted on · Doctors from every state and specialty are meeting in Houston for a forum that will shape the political agenda of America's largest physician organization. The gathering of the American Medical Association will include a national physician referendum on health reform legislation. Pat Hernandez spoke with the AMA's president-elect on the issue.