Texas is among a small number of states that pick judges, including those on the state Supreme Court, through partisan elections.


Texas Supreme Court says Harris County must abolish its elections administrator’s office by September 1

Posted on · The state’s top civil court will still hear a challenge to Senate Bill 1750 on November 28. But Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee said that, once dismantled, the elections administrator’s office isn’t likely to be restored.

Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee, with County Commissioner Adrian Garcia (left)


Harris County sues Texas to overturn law abolishing its elections administrator’s post

Posted on · The county is asking a court to stay Senate Bill 1750 before it can go into effect September 1. If the law is allowed to stand, Harris County will be forced to hand over control of elections to the county clerk with less than two months to go before early voting begins in the fall elections.

State Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), speaking in favor of SB 1750


Elections bills, including two targeting Harris County, set to become law

Posted on · Among the bills lawmakers passed during the regular session are a measure that will abolish the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office and another that will allow the Texas Secretary of State to impose “administrative oversight” of the county’s elections.

State Senator Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, speaking on his elections bills before the Senate Committee on State Affairs


Two Texas bills could cost Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum his job

Posted on · Senate Bill 823 would give the secretary of state the power to replace an appointed elections administrator, while SB 1750 would abolish the office of elections administrator in Harris County, handing its duties back to a pair of elected officials.

Texas Senate chamber during the floor debate over Senate Bill 2, which would make illegal voting a felony again


GOP-authored bills would increase penalties for illegal voting and limit Harris County’s control over elections

Posted on · Senate Bill 2 would make illegal voting a felony again. Other Republican-authored bills, filed in response to the 2022 Harris County general election, could cost Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum his job.

Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum speaking at Central Count inside NRG Arena, October 13, 2022


Harris County needs “immediate” upgrades to voting infrastructure, internal report finds

Posted on · The post-election analysis by the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office could not yet determine whether alleged paper ballot shortages had kept people from voting, as the Harris County Republican Party has charged.

Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum visits the Metropolitan MultiService Center in Houston on Nov. 8, 2022.


More challenges could be coming after another Republican contests Election Day loss in Harris County

Posted on · Houston-area Republicans Mike May and Erin Lunceford, who both lost their races on Nov. 8, are asking for the results to be invalidated and for new elections to be held.

Harris County election workers handle ballots Tuesday, March 1, 2022. State officials say the county won't be able to report results within the statutory 24-hour window after Election Day.


This year’s Harris County elections have been plagued by long wait times. Tuesday could be more of the same

Posted on · Tuesday is Election Day in Texas, and the election administrator's office has already had difficulty with counting ballots and releasing election results. The office is anticipating more challenges amid push back from the county's Republican party.


Houston Matters

Elections administrator will resign (March 9, 2022)

Posted on · On Wednesday's show: Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria is resigning effective July 1. The news comes after a week of Republican demands for her ouster on the heels of a primary election marked by long delays in releasing vote totals.

Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria on primary election night, March 1, 2022. Longoria's office has been criticized for delays in unofficial vote counts and failing to count 10,000 mail-in ballots.


Harris County elections administrator announces her resignation after 2022 primary election problems

Posted on · Longoria came under fire after her office took more than 24 hours to tally votes, and missed 10,000 mail-in ballots in the final unofficial count. Longoria has also been sued by the county GOP.

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