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Houston’s Dark Side, the Funeral Museum and Starting a Haunted House: Friday’s Show (October 30, 2015)

Posted on · Glenwood Cemetery’s “Avenging Angel.” The Candy Man. These aren’t characters from horror stories. They’re tales based on true events in Houston. It’s a Halloween-themed Houston Matters, as we learn more about some of Houston’s darkest history. We also revisit a museum that takes a more educational approach to what many would consider a taboo topic […]

Houston Matters

Who Needs a Haunted House When You Could Just Take a Tour of Historic Cemeteries

Posted on · Halloween is a time when haunted houses and costume stores spring up around Greater Houston to prepare you for the holiday. But our encounters with the afterlife don’t exclusively have to happen around Halloween. If you don’t have any Halloween themed plans as of yet today, please allow us for a moment to transport you […]