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Houston Matters Highlights Conversations About Campus Carry

Posted on · During this fundraising week, we're highlighting coverage of a number of important issues and developments that we've felt compelled to revisit time and again over the course of the last year, like pensions, the state of the oil and gas industry and efforts to mitigate traffic. Today, we review the long road area college campuses […]

Houston Matters

Area Colleges Prepare for Campus Carry

Posted on · In August of next year (Aug. 1, 2016), the state’s new campus carry law takes effect. Passed in the legislative session this past spring, it will allow those with concealed handgun permits (who are required to be 21 and older) to carry concealed weapons on some college campuses. Private schools have the ability to opt […]

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Super Bowl LI and Campus Carry: Tuesday’s Show (February 10, 2015)

Posted on · Last week's Super Bowl reminded us of a number of things: That despite off-the-field challenges, the NFL can put on a big show. That two great football teams playing to the best of their abilities can be exciting to watch. That depressing commercials might not be the best idea. And that it'll be Houston's turn […]