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Is Texas’ Gun-Loving Reputation Deserved or Overblown?

Posted on · Ask anyone: what’s the most boisterously gun toting state in the nation? Odds are very good they’ll say Texas. But new research suggests that reputation may not be entirely deserved. A study published in June in the health journal Injury Prevention examined gun ownership rates from 2013 in each U.S. state. While the ownership rate […]

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Gun Culture in Texas and Summer Melt: Wednesday’s show (July 29, 2015)

Posted on · If you live in Texas, you must be a gun owner, right? Everyone is, after all. Except…no. Everyone isn’t. In fact, a recent study suggests while Texas has slightly higher than average gun ownership rates, gun owners are, in fact, the overwhelming minority. According to the report published last month in the health journal Injury […]