Good, Bad and Ugly

Houston Growing Slower, Local Church Split & Calling Domestic Violence Overrated: The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · Houston growing not quite so fast, a local church voting over its future, and a candidate for district attorney calling domestic violence overrated: We discuss “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” in Houston news with our rotating panel of “non-experts.” This week’s panel is comprised of: Mark Bennett, attorney and author of the “Defending […]

Houston Matters

What Should Priorities Be for Future Growth in Greater Houston?

Posted on · The Houston-Galveston Area Council has opened public comment on Our Great Region 2040, a draft plan of priorities for growth and change in the region over the next few decades. We discuss what’s in the plan, what should be in it, and what you think our priorities should be as greater Houston-Galveston grow and change.

Houston Matters

Sustainable Development in Houston, is it Possible?

Posted on · Houston is growing and changing like few places in the nation. But is it growing in a way that the community can support over the long haul? The Shell Center for Sustainability at Rice University is poised to release its 3rd report on Houston Sustainability Performance this week. We learned what this new report has […]