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Why Can’t Houston Be More Like Other Cities?

Posted on · Recently, News 88.7’s Gail Delaughter noted how often she hears folks ask “why can’t Houston be more like” a city where they used to live, particularly when it comes to transportation and mass transit. We talk about such examples with Gail, as well as the city’s planning director Patrick Walsh, and Ryan Holeywell from the […]

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Understanding Houston’s Many Wards

Posted on · For some time now on Houston Matters, when the words “ward” or “wards” get mentioned, we'd be guaranteed to get an email or a tweet from a listener asking the same question: "You mention the wards, but where can I find information on them?" Outside of places like Wikipedia, it can be difficult information to […]

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Pearland: Growing Fast, Changing Fast

Posted on · Today, Pearland is one of the fastest growing areas in Greater Houston. It's population has recently jumped in the past years from the low ten thousands to over 100,000. This rapid growth means constant change, development and a town that is trying to figure out their identity. In the latest installment of our “Neighborhoods” series, […]

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Once-Rural Communities Try to Hang Onto Their Identities, Despite Houston Sprawl

Posted on · Recently the Texas Transportation Commission decided to move ahead with plans to extend the Highway 249 toll road out to Grimes County. Some residents are unhappy, and argue the "Aggie Highway" will ruin their quality of life. This is a common theme for people who choose to live in rural or more remote areas on […]

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The Changing Face of Four Houston Areas: Houston Matters for Monday, Dec. 29, 2014

Posted on · reater Houston is made up of communities large and small that have over time developed their own special identities. While, from one town to the next, there might be differences in culture, business, education and more, many of our communities reflect some trends common to the entire Greater Houston area — most notably dramatic population […]

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What Makes Houston the Most Ideal “Opportunity City?”

Posted on · Urban theorist Joel Kotkin has been researching how the Houston metropolitan area represents what he calls “opportunity urbanism,” basically, the idea that there’s an environment – politically, socially, and economically – that can allow both individuals and businesses to pursue their aspirations without infringing on one another. Kotkin thinks Houston is not only one of […]

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Sugar Land Is One of the Fastest Growing Cities in Texas

Posted on · Sugar Land is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. And yet, some see it as merely a suburb of Houston. We learn about Sugar Land from Mayor James Thompson and Jessica Brown, Tourism & Marketing Manager with Visit Sugar Land Convention and Visitor Service. Then we talk with John Rigg, editor of the Sugar […]

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How Do Disparities in Houston Education Affect the City’s Economy?

Posted on · A new report from Rice University's Shell Center for Sustainability examines disparities in education and income in Houston, and its impact on the city's economic expansion. "Houston Community Sustainability: The Quality of Life Atlas" looks at 24 social, economic, and environmental indicators of sustainability in 88 Houston "super-neighborhoods" and recommends major intervention to encourage more […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Houston Growing Slower, Local Church Split & Calling Domestic Violence Overrated: The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · Houston growing not quite so fast, a local church voting over its future, and a candidate for district attorney calling domestic violence overrated: We discuss “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” in Houston news with our rotating panel of “non-experts.” This week’s panel is comprised of: Mark Bennett, attorney and author of the “Defending […]

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What Should Priorities Be for Future Growth in Greater Houston?

Posted on · The Houston-Galveston Area Council has opened public comment on Our Great Region 2040, a draft plan of priorities for growth and change in the region over the next few decades. We discuss what’s in the plan, what should be in it, and what you think our priorities should be as greater Houston-Galveston grow and change.

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