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Preserving Green Space Is a Challenge in Ever-Growing Houston

Posted on · A study by the Trust for Public Land rates Houston first among the nation's 10 most populous cities in total acreage of parkland, and third only behind San Diego and Dallas in park acreage per capita. We explore what makes Houston's roughly 38,000 thousand acres of green space unique, the programs they offer and the […]

Houston Matters

What Are the Implications for Houston & Texas in State of the Union Address?

Posted on · The President addressed a number of issues in his State of the Union address, which have implications for Houston and Texas. The general tenor of his speech also has implications for the Lone Star state. Prominent Texas officials including Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Ted Cruz have vociferously opposed much of the President’s agenda. Amid […]


City Challenges Office Buildings to Go Green

Posted on · The city is asking building owners and their tenants to become more sustainable in its first annual green office challenge. As Wendy Siegle reports, the year-long initiative calls on businesses to reduce their energy consumption, water use, and waste generation.


Banking on the Future of Electric Cars

Posted on · Houston aims to become a leader in the use and promotion of electric cars. The city now has 10 hybrid plug-in vehicles and ten charging stations scattered around the area. Laurie Johnson has more.


Free Electricity for Non-Profits

Posted on · As energy costs continue to rise — non-profit organizations have a harder time making the bills. But a program by Green Mountain Energy provides free solar energy to qualifying organizations. Laurie Johnson explains.


“Green” store opens despite sluggish economy

Posted on · The founder of a new "green" home store says an eco-friendly economy is a key to moving out of the recession. So despite tough economic times, he's opened a store called "new living" to support green building, restoration and retro-fitting. Ed Mayberry reports.


The New Green Economy

Posted on · Nothing is all bad. Even climate change. There are some "up-sides" in the changes we will have to make to cope with the changing climate in the coming decades. A public forum will be held on this subject tonight, as Jim Bell reports.


Hypermiling? Local Man Says It Works

Posted on · Even though gas prices have dropped drastically over the past few months, driving techniques to improve gas mileage are still gaining popularity. So-called "hypermilers", drivers who use an array of fuel-saving tools, are getting eye-popping results when it comes saving fuel. Earlier this year, Jack Williams took a ride with one of the nation's best hypermilers, Dan Bryant.

Going Green

Building Green Series: Part 5

Posted on · The Houston City Council will soon update construction standards for commercial buildings. Making the world more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient is a personal passion of Mayor Bill White. Ed Mayberry has the last of our five-part series on building green.