Green Roof at Rice University

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Green Infrastructure: How Roof Gardens And Planting Trees Could Reduce Flooding

Posted on · Green infrastructure describes features in buildings and landscaping that cleanse and capture rainwater onsite where it falls. Houston advocates for green infrastructure join Houston Matters to discuss how it can be used to reduce flooding.

Houston Matters

Using Green Infrastructure to Mitigate Flooding in Greater Houston

Posted on · We try all sorts of things to mitigate flooding — from limits and controls on development to improving storm water drainage capacity to other ways of maintaining and improving existing drainage systems and flood control structures. But there’s another piece of the puzzle: what you might call natural defense, or “green infrastructure.” In essence, one […]

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Houston’s Place in America and the World: Monday’s Show (August 29, 2016)

Posted on · All this week, NPR and public radio stations nationwide are taking part in this week’s A Nation Engaged project which asks, “What is America’s place in the world?” Well, we’re Houston Matters, your daily guide to the people, places, issues and ideas that define Greater Houston. So guess what we’ve decided to ask? Yep: “What […]