Houston Matters

Full Show: Permits For A Migrant Children Shelter, And Storms That Shaped Greater Houston (Aug. 1, 2018)

Posted on · On Wednesday's Houston Matters: We learn how a potential shelter for migrant children doesn't have the permits it needs to operate. Then, we discuss the latest political stories. Plus, we look back at the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. And a local director makes a prequel to one of the worst movies ever made.


In-Depth: Houston ‘Safety Net’ Clinic Relieved After Congress Funds CHIP

Posted on · The Children's Health Insurance Program has now been funded, for 6 more years. But local clinics still face hurdles, to help those who fall through the cracks of America’s health care system.

Houston Matters

Full Show: Government Shutdown Update, And How Star Trek Shaped Space City (Jan. 22, 2018)

Posted on · On Monday's Houston Matters: We bring you the latest on the government shutdown. We discuss how Star Trek has affected Space City. We learn about an exhibit honoring children who lost their lives in the Holocaust. And we break down the latest developments in Houston sports.


Party Politics, National Edition Ep. 41: Have We Lost Complete Faith In The Government?

Posted on · “If you have a shutdown unified government that is basically the cherry on the dysfunctional sundae that is Washington politics” – Brandon Rottinghaus, co-host of Party Politics, on the battle in Congress to pass a budget bill.