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The Best Stories Come From Picking at Scabs: ‘Snap Judgment’ Host Glynn Washington on the Art of Storytelling

Posted on · The public radio show Snap Judgment brings its live tour through Houston on Saturday (Feb. 25, 2017) at Cullen Performance Hall. Listeners will know the show's mantra of "storytelling with a beat," led by host and executive producer Glynn Washington. Houston Matters producer Michael Hagerty talked with Washington and asked him how he became a […]

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Determining Economic Impact and ‘Snap Judgment’ Host Glynn Washington: Monday’s Show (February 20, 2017)

Posted on · When Houston hosted Super Bowl 51 earlier this month, we heard a lot about the economic impact it would have on the area. A firm hired by the Super Bowl committee estimated the benefit would be something like $350 million coming into the local economy. Meanwhile, amid belt-tightening in Austin, the state's public libraries are […]