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Fracking Chemicals, Hockey in Houston, Great Art in Ugly Rooms: Houston Matters for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Posted on · Companies that drill for oil use combinations of chemicals in the hydraulic fracturing process to free oil trapped in rock formations called shale. You probably know that drillers pump thousands of gallons of water mixed with such chemicals down into their wells. You may be aware there are rules about reporting what those chemicals are. […]

Houston Matters

What Happens to Houston After Oil?

Posted on · Typical projections from the oil and gas industry suggest, thanks in large part to the burgeoning shale oil industry, the United States could become the world’s top oil producer in the next decade. But what if those projections are overstated? Is there a danger in Houston’s economy hinging so significantly on one industry? What should we […]

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Mexico: The Next Frontier for Fracking?

Posted on · The Mexican Congress is set to consider proposals in energy reform sometime this fall. These proposals would open up Mexico’s energy industry to outside investment and allow contracts between the Mexican government and private companies to share profits from the extraction of oil and gas throughout the country. Part of this conversation includes the development […]

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Who Should Regulate Greenhouse Gas? Texas Says Not the EPA

Posted on · The State of Texas believes the Environmental Protection Agency does not have legal authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from factories and power plants. Such disputes over carbon emissions have pitted environmental regulators against industry for years. We’ll find out why the state of Texas is wading in, and consider the implications of the cases […]