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Eating Disorders: They’re Not Just a Young Person’s Problem

Posted on · While those suffering from an eating disorder are stereotyped as young, there's another population that also suffers: the elderly. Amanda Holben is a registered and licensed dietitian and owner of Fork in the Road Nutrition Counseling. She tells producer Maggie Martin eating disorders don't just impact any one age group. MORE: Eating Disorders: The Misconceptions […]

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Houston Matters Weekend for October 8, 2016

Posted on · Recently, News 88.7's Gail Delaughter noted how often she hears folks ask "why can't Houston be more like" a city where they used to live, particularly when it comes to transportation and mass transit. We talk about such examples with Gail, as well as the city's planning director Patrick Walsh, and Ryan Holeywell from the […]

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Eating Disorders: The Misconceptions and the Treatment

Posted on · You might recognize the symptoms of certain eating disorders. Anorexia was added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM, in 1952. That made the illness more recognizable by doctors and eventually the general public. The same recognition of the disorder bulimia came later, in 1980. Recently, a new disorder […]