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Tuesday’s Houston Matters: Antibody Testing Survey, And Retiring In Houston (Sept. 8, 2020)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Show: Searching door to door for those who've had COVID-19 in the past, Houston City Council Member Martha Castex-Tatum answers questions, what's keeping Houston from being a top choice for retirees, new teachers share their thoughts about about their first day of school, and the state of fishing in Galveston Bay.

Good, Bad and Ugly

Womb Transplants and Reverse Commuting: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of the News

Posted on · A lot can happen in a week. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Some of it downright ugly. When faced with intriguing developments in the week's news, we turn to our rotating panel of "non-experts" to parse The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of it all. This week our panel examines: Texas […]

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A Closer Look at the Astrodome Plan: Friday’s Show (October 7, 2016)

Posted on · Last week (Sept. 27, 2016), Harris County Commissioners Court unanimously approved $10.5 million for the design phase for the Astrodome project. It's part of the $105 million plan to preserve and revitalize the iconic structure. That plan entails raising the structure's floor, providing underground parking and converting the building into usable public space. On today’s […]

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What Exactly is a ‘Zombie’ Oil Company and Could They Hurt the Economy?

Posted on · Low oil prices have created more examples of what some call “zombie” oil companies. Forbes writer Christopher Helman recently wrote an article explaining what exactly that means and how these companies could hurt banks. MORE: Zombie Oil Companies Could Hit Banks With $20 Billion In Loan Losses (Forbes, Feb. 12, 2016)

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OPEC Calls for Lower Oil Production — What Would that Mean for Houston?

Posted on · Reuters last month reported OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, was concerned about dropping oil prices and wanted to open dialogue with member countries about cutting supply. Of course, no one wants to be the country that stops pumping first, especially in cash-strapped nations like Russia and Venezuela. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia — a […]

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Is the Boom in Shale Gas Production Over, or Just Pausing?

Posted on · Is the boom in shale gas production — as a recent Houston Chronicle article suggested — “starting to waver?” It’s not that there isn’t more gas trapped beneath shale to capture (though that supply is not indefinite), a question the industry is asking now is: with crude oil fetching far less per barrel than it […]