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Full Show: Ed Emmett Answers Flooding Questions, And An Open Line With HPM’s Lisa Shumate (Sept. 12, 2017)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Houston Matters: Harris County Judge Ed Emmett answers your questions about the response to Hurricane Harvey. And we open the phone lines for you to share your questions and comments about programming on Houston Matters and Houston Public Media.

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Speeding Up the ‘Ike Dike’ Study, and the First African Americans at NASA: Tuesday’s Show (January 17, 2017)

Posted on · You're probably familiar with the idea of the so-called "Ike Dike," a proposed barrier to protect the Texas coast from storm surge in events like 2008's Hurricane Ike. The Army Corps of Engineers is currently studying the idea and should have its findings ready by June of 2018. But a recently passed federal law aims […]

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Houston’s Sinking. What Gives?

Posted on · According to new data from the US Geological Survey, parts of Harris County have dropped between ten and 12 feet since the 1920s. Some argue when you lose that much ground it makes an area more prone to flooding. It's a phenomenon known as subsidence, the gradual sinking of an area. But the Harris County […]

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The National Water Model: The Next Wave of Flood Prediction Technology

Posted on · Remember when you first upgraded to an HDTV? Suddenly, you were able to see all the detail you didn't know you were missing. Well, the National Weather Service will soon be making a similar upgrade — in terms of its flood prediction technology — when it launches its new National Water Model later this summer. […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

More Flooding & Resignations at Baylor: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of This Week’s News

Posted on · A lot can happen in a week. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Some of it downright ugly. When faced with intriguing developments in the week's news, we turn to our rotating panel of "non-experts" to parse The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of it all. This week, our panel debates more […]

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How to Slow Down Flood Waters Before They Ever Get to Houston

Posted on · With all the flooding the Houston region has experienced recently, News 88.7 continues to investigate what might be making flooding worse and what might help mitigate flood damage in the future. Energy and environment reporter Dave Fehling has the latest on one effort — a way to slow down flood waters before they ever get […]

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Storms, Floods and Zubik v. Burwell: Tuesday’s Show (May 31, 2016)

Posted on · The U.S. Supreme Court recently (May 16, 2016) sent Zubik v. Burwell back to lower courts. A ruling in the Texas case (which includes challenges from Houston Baptist University and East Texas Baptist University) would have clarified whether an Obama Administration mandate for some employers to provide birth control benefits to employees runs afoul of […]

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How a Principal and Student Handled the Recent Flood

Posted on · While the historic flooding this spring devastated homes and neighborhoods, it also closed some schools for as much as a week. Those campuses have started to return to normal. But the floodwaters brought some unexpected challenges. News 88.7 education reporter Laura Isensee has more with this conversation between a principal and a student in our […]