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How Will Fewer Regulations Affect Houstonians? Thursday’s Show (February 9, 2017)

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss how fewer business regulations might affect the environment, changes to the National Weather Service's National Water Model, and the struggle Texas and Texans face paying for college. Also, singer-songwriter Mike Doughty performs in studio.

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The National Water Model: The Next Wave of Flood Prediction Technology

Posted on · Remember when you first upgraded to an HDTV? Suddenly, you were able to see all the detail you didn't know you were missing. Well, the National Weather Service will soon be making a similar upgrade — in terms of its flood prediction technology — when it launches its new National Water Model later this summer. […]

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How To Handle Houston’s Tendency to Flood

Posted on · Last week Houston saw some flooding. Thankfully it wasn't quite as bad as predicted, but that's not to say we're out of danger for the year. Hurricane season is right around the corner, and the city's flat landscape means flooding, drainage and mitigating water are always top of mind for some people — especially those […]

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Flooding Update: Recovery Efforts Continue With Rain Still Falling in Some Areas

Posted on · We have the latest on this week’s flooding in and around Houston. We lead off with representatives from Harris County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service. We learn what cleanup and recovery efforts are underway, and what more we can expect in terms of storms and potential additional flooding the rest of the week. […]