Fair or Falling Short

How A Dad Helped Start The Fight For Better Public School Funding In Texas

Posted on · Texas has a long history of lawsuits over public school funding, with the latest saga reaching the Texas Supreme Court. But one of the earliest chapters starts with one family on the west side of San Antonio. In part one of our series, we explore how the legal fight started by Demetrio Rodriguez continues today.

Rerouting Houston Buses

Will Metro’s Plan Get More People To Ride?

Posted on · Houston's bus network is about to undergo some major changes as part of Metro's effort to get more riders. But will more frequent service actually encourage people to get on a bus? As we wrap up our series "Rerouting Houston's Buses", we'll look at how the new system will work, and what happened when they did the same thing in another city.

Rerouting Houston Buses

When Public Transit Is Your Only Way To Get Around

Posted on · For many, riding the bus is a choice. But for others, public transit is virtually their only option for getting around and even getting to the bus stop can be a big problem. In part three of our series "Rerouting Houston's Buses", we meet some riders who were in danger of losing service, and how they got Metro's attention.

Rerouting Houston Buses

Why Metro Is Making Big Changes

Posted on · Metro is just days away from rolling out its new bus network, and many riders are wondering if the new routes will be an improvement over what they have now. Some riders say they'll have to walk farther to get to a stop, but Metro says they'll experience much more frequent service and they can get more places without having to transfer downtown. In part two of our series "Rerouting Houston Buses", we hop on the bus with Metro board member Christof Spieler to discuss what those changes mean for longtime riders.

Rerouting Houston Buses

The Tale Of Two Bus Routes

Posted on · Big changes are coming for Houston's bus riders as Metro prepares to roll out a major redesign of its entire network. Officials say the goal is to create a system that's easier to use and provides more frequent service, but for some riders, that means they'll no longer have their familiar routes. In part one of our series "Rerouting Houston Buses", we look at the impact of Metro's new bus network on two commutes, and how riders are reacting to the changes.