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Organization Helps Veterans Who Served in the Military’s Bomb Squad

Posted on · (Above: A robot searches ordnance found along a road in Iraq. Image Courtesy: Timothy Colomer) EOD — which stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal — is considered one of the most dangerous occupations in the military. These men and women are responsible for disarming and disposal of bombs. The EOD Warrior Foundation is a national organization that […]

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Houston Pet Peeves, and Explosive Ordinance Disposal: Friday’s Show (May 26, 2017)

Posted on · Every couple of months, we like to give you the opportunity to vent. It could be something about Houston — like the traffic or the weather. It could be something about your life. It could be something you just wished was a little bit different. It’s your Houston pet peeve, that one thing that sticks […]