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What’s Houston’s Place in America and In the World?

Posted on · All this week, NPR and public radio stations nationwide are taking part in this week’s A Nation Engaged project which asks, “What is America’s place in the world?” Well, we’re Houston Matters, your daily guide to the people, places, issues and ideas that define Greater Houston. So guess what we’ve decided to ask? Yep: “What […]

Houston Matters

Houston Expats Discuss Great Britain’s Vote to Leave the European Union

Posted on · Last week (July 13, 2016), Theresa May became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, only the second woman to hold that office. She took office after David Cameron resigned following the so-called “Brexit” vote – the referendum where voters chose to leave the European Union. We hear the thoughts of two British expats in Houston. […]

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Where is Home Away from Home for Houston Expats?

Posted on · In Harris County, more than one million residents – that's one in four people — were born in a foreign country. Earlier this year Houston Public Media began its first installment in a year-long series called The Million with our partners at the Houston Chronicle. It explores how diversity shapes our region. The series started […]

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Growing Up Abroad: Houston is Home to Many ‘Third Culture Kids’

Posted on · Houston’s diversity and industries mean the area is home to many “third culture kids.” They’re people who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their developmental years. We discuss what life in Houston is like for third culture kids with two people who fit the definition: attorney […]

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Climate Debate and Third Culture Kids: Wednesday’s Show (October 28, 2015)

Posted on · A new University of Texas survey released last week indicates more than three out of four Americans now believe climate change is occurring. The results were released as President Obama met with business leaders making public commitments to reduce their carbon footprint. Has there been a sea change in attitudes towards climate science? Or have […]

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Counselor Helps Expats Adjust to Life in Houston

Posted on · If you€™’ve lived in Houston any length of time, chances are you€™’ve noticed the diversity of the city €“ and that a lot of people here were born in another country. This means plenty of Houstonians are adjusting €“ not just to living in a new city, but also to living in a completely different […]

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The Full Menu: Exploring European Eateries

Posted on · Houston is often heralded as the most diverse city in the country, and recently the Houston Chronicle, in partnership with Houston Public Media, began profiling the million foreign-born residents here. A lot of the people working in the Greater Houston region are from different parts of Europe. So it seemed like a good time to […]

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