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Texas Water Issues, and Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening: Wednesday’s Show (January 11, 2017)

Posted on · Later this month (Jan. 23-27, 2017), policymakers and conservationists will gather in Austin for the Water for Texas 2017 conference to discuss all things water-related in the state. One of the speakers at the event is Luke Metzger of Environment Texas. He tells us what his main concerns are related to water quality and supply […]

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Why More Mexican Entrepreneurs Are Immigrating to Houston — While Other Mexicans are Leaving

Posted on · Pew Research Center analysis of government data shows more Mexicans are leaving the United States than are coming here. However, other research shows certain kinds of Mexicans are coming here at an increased rate: entrepreneurs. Data from Rice University's Baker Institute shows that more Mexican entrepreneurs are choosing the U.S. as the place they want […]