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Pursuing Creative Careers, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, and Music Education: Houston Matters for Friday, June 13, 2014

Posted on · As we embark on our careers, we often receive conflicting advice: Pursue your passions, but have something to fall back on. Follow your dreams, but make sure you can pay the bills. Do what makes you happy, but you may have to sacrifice that happiness when it’s practical. Some career paths can lead to those […]

Houston Matters

How Can New Graduates Land a Job in Houston?

Posted on · Commencement ceremonies will take place throughout Houston over the next few weeks. As the class of 2013 seeks to enter the workforce, what job opportunities exist? Is higher education preparing graduates for the jobs that exist here in Houston? We had experts weigh in on the job market in Houston, and how new graduates can […]


Local And State Unemployment Drops

Posted on · The rate of unemployment in Texas is the lowest it has been since July of 2009. Numbers from the Texas Workforce Commission show 7.8 percent of Texans are unemployed. That's down from 8.1 percent the month before.


Investing In Teens Through Employment

Posted on · The White House announces a new call to action for businesses, nonprofits and government to work together to provide jobs for teens in the summer of 2012. One expert on entry level employment issues talks about the benefits of President Obama's summer jobs initiative.


Employment Numbers Mixed in April

Posted on · The Texas Work Force Commission says the Texas unemployment rose slightly to 8.3 percent in April, but as Rod Rice reports, the number of jobs grew for the fourth consecutive month.


Being Your Own Boss

Posted on · During the time of layoffs and slow job growth, some people are looking to become entrepreneurs and go into business for themselves. But one group lags when it comes to business ownership — the African-American community. Bill Stamps looks into this problem and how things are slowly changing.


Overcoming Barriers to Employment

Posted on · More residents who find themselves out of work due to the economic downturn are turning to employment counseling services. The federal government is pumping millions into those services that create employment opportunities and offer training to better the chances. Pat Hernandez takes a look at one service in particular.