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Bill Would Allow Women to Sue Their Employers Over Equal Pay

Posted on · State Senator Rodney Ellis, a Houston Democrat, has filed Senate Bill 65, which would allow Texas women to sue private businesses if they find out they’re not getting paid equally for similar jobs, regardless of when they learn about the salary discrepancy. Sound familiar? It should. It's the same concept covered in the federal Lily […]

Houston Matters

Mental Illness Presents Major Challenges for Houstonians

Posted on · For a number of years, the Texas Department of State Health Services surveyed Texans to determine their own perception of their mental health. They wanted to know how many respondents reported five or more days out of the year that they felt they were in poor mental health. Between 2000 and 2010, that percentage hovered […]

Houston Matters

What’s Funny and What’s Not? New Play Tackles that Question

Posted on · Houston’s Alley Theatre is currently featuring the world premiere of a play called “Fool” from playwright Theresa Rebeck, where two kings decide to engage in a friendly wager: Which of their respective court jesters is funnier? The two jesters go head-to-head in a sort-of Medieval version of Last Comic Standing – with the winner getting […]

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