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Engines of Our Ingenuity 2489: Powering Aeroplanes

Posted on · Episode: 2489 Before we invent the aeroplane, let’s decide how to power it. Today, we wonder how to power our flying machines.

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Police Interaction, Electric Bills, Gardening, and The Purse Bearer: Houston Matters for Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Posted on · Among the lessons learned from recent developments in Ferguson, Missouri, is the need for law enforcement and the community it serves to engage with one another. On this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss how that can be accomplished, and focus on one example here in Houston – the Teen and Police Service Academy. The […]

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Understanding ERCOT — The Folks Who Manage Most of Texas’ Electric Flow

Posted on · You might not have heard about ERCOT — The Electric Reliability Council of Texas — but it affects your life, whether you’re aware of it or not. The agency manages electric flow for 23 million Texans — some 85 percent of the state’s electric load. Dave Fehling, KUHF’s StateImpact Reporter for energy and the environment, […]


Houston-Area Family of Five Gets First All-Electric Nissan Leaf in Texas

Posted on · The first Nissan leaf to come to Texas has landed in the hands of a Houston-area family. The family picked up their new ride at a dealership in clear lake. They'll likely be the only one's driving the leaf around here for a while because as Wendy Siegle reports, the production of the car is moving a bit slower than anticipated.

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