Houston Matters

SCOTUS on affirmative action, and UH-Downtown President Loren Blanchard (Nov. 1, 2022)

Posted on · On Tuesday's show: The Supreme Court is considering affirmative action, we hear from incumbent County Judge Lina Hidalgo, we'll meet the President of UH-Downtown, and we learn about music in "just intonation."

Houston Matters

An averted railroad strike, and the NPR Politics Podcast comes to Houston (Sept. 15, 2022)

Posted on · On Thursday's show: What we avoided from a possible rail worker strike. Then, the first of many interviews with candidates from local elections. And we learn all about the world of bats!

Houston Matters

Houston’s connections to the voter fraud movement (Sept. 2, 2022)

Posted on · On Friday's show: We make sense of a summer filled with both drought and flooding. Then we learn about a voter fraud movement with deep ties to Houston. And we break down The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the week.

Houston Matters

Dioxin found in Kashmere Gardens, and the future of live music in Houston (July 15, 2022)

Posted on · On Friday's show: A powerful toxic chemical has been found in a soil sample in the Kashmere Gardens neighborhood. We learn what that means for its residents. Then we begin a two-part exploration into the future of live music in the Houston area with an examination of the challenges local venues face putting on concerts.

Town Square

January 6 Hearing Day 4: Will we ever trust or feel safe about the presidential election process again?

Posted on · In a review of how distrust and conspiracy thinking work, experts discuss suggestions about overcoming problems with trust in federal and presidential election systems.

Houston Matters

School shooting in Uvalde, primary runoff results, and the life of George Floyd (May 25, 2022)

Posted on · On Wednesday's show: We learn the latest on the fatal shooting at a Uvalde elementary school. Then we discuss the results from the Texas primary election runoffs. And a new book examines the life and struggles of George Floyd.