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Syrian Perspectives from Houston, and W.G. Jones State Forest: Tuesday’s Show (April 11, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: Syrian residents of Khan Shaykhun hold signs and pictures on Friday during a protest condemning a suspected chemical weapons attack on their town earlier this week. Photo: Getty Images) Last week's chemical attack in Syria and the U.S. military response remind us of the violence Syrian people have lived with for years. It seems […]

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Border Odyssey: Meeting the People Patrolling and Living Near the U.S.-Mexico Border

Posted on · In 2010, Duke University professor Charles Thompson followed the U.S.-Mexico border, which spans nearly two-thousand miles. They followed a path from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean, exploring small towns and larger communities on both sides of the border. Thompson spoke with residents living within these border communities to get a better understanding […]