Melissa Del Bosque, Author of Bloodlines

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How Texas Horse Racing Became A Money Laundering Business For A Drug Cartel

Posted on · The book Bloodlines tells the true story of how two FBI agents investigated a dangerous criminal organization in Mexico by tracking money laundering through horse racing in the U.S. Author Melissa del Bosque tells us more.

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A Drug for Opioid Overdose is Becoming Over-the-Counter in Texas

Posted on · A drug called Naloxone is being made available over the counter in Texas. The drug is a nasal spray that helps in the immediate aftermath of an opioid overdose. There’s a Houston medical toxicologist who sees a lot of these overdose cases, and he's worriedly watching those numbers climb. His name is Dr. Spencer Greene, […]

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Third Parties, Overdose Meds, and Playing Bridge: Tuesday’s Show (August 9, 2016)

Posted on · On Monday’s program (Aug. 8, 2016), we heard from representatives of the Green Party after that group's national convention was held in Houston over the weekend. In an election cycle where unconventional, outsider candidates have garnered much of the spotlight, there’s a belief among so-called third parties like the Green Party or the Libertarian Party […]

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Bordering on Insecurity: Texas Tribune Series Looks at Border Corruption Amongst US Law Enforcement

Posted on · When we think about protecting the Texas-Mexico border, we often think about stopping illegal activity happening on the other side of the Rio Grande. However, a series of reports from The Texas Tribune and Reveal highlights illegal activity happening not only here on the US side of the border but among those tasked with policing […]

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The Far Empty: Former DEA Agent Pens Gritty Crime Novel

Posted on · The Far Empty is a fictional book loosely based on Todd Scott's 20-year career as a special agent with the DEA – many of them spent in the stark Texas borderlands. The book revolves around two main characters, 17-year-old Caleb Ross and new sheriff's deputy Chris Cherry. Ross is dealing with the turmoil around his […]

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Painkiller Addiction: What’s Behind This Epidemic?

Posted on · When Prince died last month and his autopsy indicated Percocet in his system, it triggered dialogue about growing concerns over painkiller addition in America. The Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center works with addicts and trains doctors about proper prescription of pain medication. We talk with the center’s CEO, Matt Feehery. And Edel Howlin talks […]

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Report: Expanding Drug Diversion Programs Would Improve Safety and Save Tax Dollars

Posted on · A new report from the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition suggests there are economic and social benefits to expanding Harris County's drug diversion programs. To explain, we talk with one of the authors of that report, Jay Jenkins. He's the coalition's project attorney for Harris County. The Harris County DA's office is implementing a "First Chance […]